There is a lot of fake news on the internet which spreads through different platforms. Instagram now has a reporting tool to deal with misinformation. But the users are required to help.

Fake news over the internet
Fake news are all over the internet

As of now, if an instagram user detects anything that they think may be false, they can tap the report button or raise a red flag. If multiple reports have been submitted on the same content, it will be reviewed by third party fact checkers and removed from the platform. This will train instagram’s Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology to proactively find and recognize false content.

This tool is currently active and is being tested in the US. It will be rolled out depending on its effectiveness.  This is a part of a wider plan by Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. It could help facebook build stronger detection tools.

instagram finally to detect fake news
Instagram to detect fake news

Google’s video platform – Youtube, is also taking similar steps on tackling fake news. It has introduced more than 30 policy changes and have been building dozens of machine learning systems to detect content that might potentially violate the new policy changes.



What do you think about Facebook’s and Google’s actions toward detection of fake news by the machine learning systems?

Will you have Instagram on reporting the fake news if you see one?



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