Productivity applications make lots of things easier for us. Their main goals being, giving us the ability to easily set targets and record our accomplishments in an organised manner.

Albeit, It also depends on what exactly you are looking for inside an application.

The following applications are the best according to my knowledge, which can support you to easily set goals and task and break them down, and review your accomplishments.

DAy one

Day One – you download it from Google Appstore

Day One is a personal journaling application available for android, macOs and IOS devices. Here you can write down literally everything you do and think. You can add pictures, tags and set favorites of your best thoughts and days. It is a great app for contemplating your days and re-experiencing your memories, especially if you don’t like carrying a notebook or a diary around.

Journaling is a vital habit. keeping a track of your actions and habits gives you deep understanding of yourself. Many researchers agree to a fact that this is one of the habits that increases your productivity.




This is a very powerful productivity tool by Doist – a company that focuses on creating productive workflow systems. Todoist keeps track of all your tasks, projects and goals in a simple manner. It integrates with your computer and google calendar and makes things so smooth and gives you a sense of control over your everyday tasks. An efficient task and time manager.

In its free version you can have up to 80 projects and up to 5 people per project. You can also use it for your business and assign your employees tasks from it.  You can get Todoist at Google app store.



Trello vision boards

Trello is the best application i have had experience with. Although i have never tried the team features within the app, i would still recommend this application to everyone. You can set up vision cards using different forms, be it the quadrant decision making forms by Stefen Covey. It can be easily customized. You get the ability to create your personal and business vision boards, with projects and tasks. You can lock down and keep certain boards and cards private and also have sharing content for your team. It is one app that is highly in use as a productivity tool around the world. You should definitely get this if you are looking to get all your goals and projects in one place. It can also be synchronized with your calendar and computer and make your work.

If you have used any application before that has enhanced your productivity, please share with us. We shall try it and share with the world.


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