We probably don’t need telling that Android is a very powerful and versatile operating system (OS), but Google is currently working on something which may well end up being a direct replacement to Android, as they most recently went live with Fuchsia OS developer site.


Fuchsia, Googles mystery OS

An operating system is built on a Kernel. A computer Kernel is basically the core of an OS. They provide the basic mechanism around which an OS is built. The Android program (for smart phones)and Chrome OS (for the laptops) is based on the Linux kernel which was originally intended for digital cameras and not smart phones.


Fuchsia is based on a completely different Kernel. It is Google’s own new microkernel called the Zircon Kernel. It’s designed with the smart connected features in mind and is also less specific in its code, making it a better use across


The reason Fuchsia could replace Android is that the Kernel lets it run on pretty much everything i.e. smart phone to PC’s to fridges to even traffic lights. It’s basically one Operating System for all meaning a completely seamless integration between devices.
Currently as it is, Google’s chrome OS doesn’t work perfectly well with Android. In contrast Apples IOS integrates better from their smart phones to their Mac books. It makes perfect sense for Google to have one unified Operating System.

Please let us know of your thoughts on this OS.

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