Cyber attacks are an evolving danger to the world. It costs organisations millions everyday to protect their data, information and ICT systems.

Cyber Attacks are on the rise in Kenya. We need Security Solutions for our future

According to Cyber Security Ventures, cyber crime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. In a research done by Symantec, 24000 malicious applications are blocked everyday. And, IOT (Internet Of Things) devices will be the biggest technology crime driver in the future. In a recent hypotheses, 40% of cyber security professionals accepted that they do not have any strategy to fight cyber attacks.

In Kenya,

32 million cyber threats have been detected by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) in the first quarter of 2019. Which is over 11% higher than the last quarter. This statistics shows how Kenyans are exposed and how risky things are. Financial Institutions lost Sh 21 billion in  2017 and the cost of cyber crime in 2018 was Sh 30 billion. Organisations could lose more in years to come.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), It was projected that Kenya will spend spend Sh 200 million this year, the same as last year. This amount is a tenth of what South Africa will spend on its Information security. There are only 1700 certified cyber security professionals in Kenya. Their demand is still to rise. Many organisation are having problems at both senior and lower levels.

Early this year, Safaricom launched a cyber security solution targeted at Kenyan firms, looking to protect their data and ICT systems. This will help reduce risk of loss of money and sensitive data.

Questions yet arise.


The above are pure facts based on research. Nothing more was added.

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