5G is coming. Its coming in full force!

Many companies around the world are just a few months away from launching a full blown 5G network for consumers. The groundwork of the super speed network had already started as of last year in many countries around the world. Countries like France, Germany, South Korea and Switzerland are already Live in the network that is supposed to bring the internet of things (IOT). 5G live trials are currently happening around the world.

France is the first European country to be fully covered by 5G. The developments were made possible by the Chinese tech Giants Huawei in a deal with Monaco Telecom. Monaco telecom has registered a speed of 1.4gb/s. Huawei has also recently signed a deal with Russia’s biggest telecom operators MTS. It was also involved in UK’s and Germany’s 5G development with Vodafone. Vodafone launched its 5G operation in UK and Germany in mid April and mid July, 2019, respectively. South African firm, Rain, is also 7 months old in its experience with the future network. Their deal was with non other than Huawei.

5G is very crucial for future technology devices. Especially, for the IoT, Internet of things which will be happening real time. The idea that traffic lights will be sending data to self-driving cars is very real. According to South Korean Mobile operator, KT, “5G can simultaneously connect to one million devices within one kilometer”. 5G is a vital part of infrastructure. According to the Global System for Mobile Communication, 5G is expected to bring about $565 billion dollars in global economic benefits by 2034.

Intel and Qualcomm, the world’s leading micro processor developers, are already producing 5G chips. Qualcomm having new 5G modems, snapdragon x50 and x55, with download speeds of upto 7gb/s. Samsung’s is also on its shoes with their new Galaxy s10 5G which was released last month.

The new Galxy S10 5G


The 5G is one of the biggest steps taken by Huawei. The tech giant is currently deploying 5G services faster than any other companies in the world. This makes them, and their country powerful with having competitive advantage in the foreseeable future.


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