After failing with Google+ , the search giant is not giving up on social networking. Google+ closed down recently in April 2019. And here we are. It is already testing its newly developed “SHOELACE”.

Shoelace is the fifth social networking platform by google after Google+, Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect and Orkut. Which were all flops. Shoelace plays around the idea of “tying people together, hence its name. It is mainly based on activities and events happening in and around a city with a motto of supercharging social lives. The major application, will be the ability to do things with people in your immediate area who share the same interests. Users create events and activities known as “loops”. It works similarly to facebook events.

Googles shoelace with a vision of tying people together by social activities and events.








Shoelace is currently being tested in New York. There are no confirmations yet as to when it will be available to the world.

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