Huawei’s Ark OS could change the experience of mobile phone users.

It is now not a secret that the Chinese telecom giant, Huawei, had a back up plan in case the Google’s Android was out of reach. Being blacklisted as a National threat for US to its security due to its highly advanced technology, Huawei has definitely shown high levels of optimism towards its future.

The first questions that circled around were if Huawei can survive. Can it do without Google and Android? Can it do without the services Google offers? Can it do without the American manufactured processors and chips?


There is no doubt that Huawei shall break through. The Ceo of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, recently, has confirmed about his company’s new Operating System, ARK OS, also known as Hongmeng. Ark OS will be used as a universal operating system for multiple platforms including smartphones, notebooks and mobile phones having compatibility with android applications. To be launched in September 2019, with the Huawei Mate 30 series and penetrating the global market by mid 2020, the Asian teleco Giants,Tencent, Oppo and Xiami  are also interested in Huawei’s ambition and are currently testing its Ark. The word is out that, Ark Os is 60% faster then Android with better User Interfaces, but has not been confirmed yet.

Huawei has already started shifting its business eastwards on both hardware and software, even after the US ban partially lifted. The mobile operating system dominion of Android is now highly at risk. Especially, when Mobile developers are partnering with Huawei, and more than 100 million Mobile subscribers around the world are users of Chinese smart Devices.

Ark os also known as Hongmeng can be 60% faster than android.

Huawei having crossed US$100 billion in its revenue, it is now compared to the likes of Apple and Google’s parent company Alphabet. Apart from the mobile technology advancements of Huawei, the telecom giant is the leader in 5G technologyHaving a vision that,

“5G will enable broader connectivity, not just among people but also between people and things and among things”.

Albeit, this will create opportunities, it is also considered as a cyber security threat from Countries like Australia, Taiwan, Japan and United States. Monacco, Germany, and some Europe countries are continually supporting the Huawei tech advancements and visions as long as rules are followed.

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